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We’re here to visualizemeasuredecrease risks

Tempem is passionate about visualizing and measuring data in order to lower your risks.

Temperature, humidity or anything else – get in touch and we’ll measure it!

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Data Dashboard

Visualizing measurements that matter in a way it’s most efficient for your business.

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Sensors & Gateways

Selection of temperature and humidity sensors and gateways to fit your needs.

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Targeted Alerting

When measurements are out of boundaries we’ll let you know ā€” SMS, e-mail or to any other channel!

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Autonomous monitoring for HACCP

Cold chain and groceries

Precise data from rooms and devices

Laboratory environment

Safe and healthy environment

Indoor climate

Development of custom sensors

R&D and consultation

Tempem Dashboard

Metrics that matter for you

There are unlimited options available but together we will eliminate unnecessary data and lead you to the smartest visualization that really makes the difference and helps your business to grow.

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Tempem Sensor

Accuracy without wires

Our battery-powered portable sensors are easy to install and update measurements as fast as every second.

Tempem sensors have an external probe to operate in tight locations. Working temperature range -40…+65 Ā°C at Ā±0.3..1 Ā°C accuracy comes without a need to change the battery for over a year.

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Instant alerts to your channels

We integrate your communication tools with our systems in moments. Doesn’t matter if you’re using Slack, Discord, Google Chat, just simple e-mail or good old SMS – we’ll let you know about any anomalies at most convenient channel!

We’ve got even a robot ready to call you if that’s what you need!

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We are ready to sense and mitigate your risks!

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